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Public Screenings and Licensing
SD Film PremiereSpecial Screenings of THE LION'S JOURNEY: THE STORY OF WADIE P. DEDDEH

Public screenings are a great way to bring people together to share in the story of Wadie P. Deddeh. The Lion's Journey film is very inspiring and the recent San Diego premiere screening brought out many members of the San Diego Chaldean community as well as raise money for Chaldean refugees. Holding a public screening in conjunction with a fundraiser is a wonderful way to spotlight a worthy cause as well as spread the message of Wadie Deddeh's inspiring story.

There is a one time licensing fee to be paid in advance of the screening - For further details, please contact us for pricing. In addition, if tickets are to be sold at the event, the licensee agrees to split 50% of the proceeds from the ticket sales. This enables Group Indy Productions to continue promoting the film and will ensure future screenings and festival events.  

PLEASE NOTE: A special screening DVD MUST be obtained, along with a signed licensing contract and screening fee paid in advance,  before ANY public screenings can be held. The DVD copies available for sale online are for HOME USE ONLY and any other use is in violation of federal copyright laws.

For further details, and to apply for a public screening, please email us at:  We are very interested in working with to make your public screening event a success and will be more than happy to provide marketing material such as film posters, sample programs, sample tickets and more.

For multiple public screenings for use in businesses, schools, seminars etc., a purchase of an institutional copy is most economical. An institutional DVD is strictly for multiple screening use in professional, commercial, educational, and non-theatrical settings. For information on purchasing an institutional copy of THE LION'S JOURNEY: THE STORY OF WADIE P. DEDDEH, please email us at:

Teachers please note: Section 110 (1) of the copyright law enables teachers to use (perform) such a video without a public performance license (which is normally required whenever a video is shown outside of the home). The conditions which must be satisfied are: 1) the use must take place in a non-profit educational institution, 2) the use must occur in a classroom or similar place devoted to instruction, 3) the use must be part of a regularly scheduled course (thus ruling out extra-curricular or recreational use), 4) the use must be exclusively by the instructor and the students in the classroom, in the course of face-to-face teaching activities.



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